Three Big Ways GWC Warranty Helps Dealers be Successful

The partnership GWC Warranty has with its dealers is a special one. As the automotive industry’s best-in-class used vehicle service contract provider, GWC Warranty is dedicated to helping dealers generate sales, build relationships with customers, and protect their reputations.

GWC Warranty is helping its dealers sell more cars every day by giving car shoppers the confidence and peace of mind they need to become car buyers. Providing the industry’s best service, products, training and technology, GWC Warranty has what it takes to make any independent used car dealer more successful.

Here are three big ways GWC Warranty help dealers grow.

Prevent Post-Sale Headaches

GWC Warranty prevents post-sale headaches for dealers and their customers. Drivers can feel secure knowing that their vehicle is protected with a GWC Warranty vehicle service contract. The worry of having to pay for an unexpected repair out of pocket is eliminated when a vehicle is bought from a GWC Warranty dealer partner. For dealers, GWC Warranty’s concierge claim service also helps mitigate any post-sale problems that could occur so that they can focus on moving forward with their growing business. GWC Warranty’s concierge claim service is a team of experienced claims specialists who can shorten wait times and expedite claims adjudication.

Protect Reputation

GWC Warranty understands the importance of a dealer’s reputation, and that’s why they work tirelessly to make sure their dealer partners can provide the best vehicle service contracts to their customers. The customer satisfaction achieved through GWC Warranty vehicle service contracts not only allows dealers to draw in new customers, it also helps them obtain referrals and repeat sales opportunities.

Facilitate Vehicle Sales

The goal of any independent used car dealer is to generate vehicle sales. And that’s exactly what a partnership with GWC Warranty helps them do.  Working with GWC Warranty can unlock exclusive Elite Dealer Benefits such as special pricing on certified pre-owned vehicles, lead generation and complimentary marketing materials. GWC Warranty’s profit-building programs are designed to increase dealers’ profits and strengthen their business.

To learn more about GWC Warranty and all of the products and services they offer, visit or give them a call at 800-482-7357.

If you’re one of the many dealers that have benefited from partnering with GWC Warranty, be sure to go online and add to the many positive GWC Warranty reviews that have been written by satisfied dealers like you.


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